"Cursos de Português Para Estrangeiros"

"Portuguese Courses For Foreigners"

Why Schola?

We are a school specialized in Portuguese for foreigners with personalized courses.
Attending at an individual's company and / or residence, providing convenience and safety, without losing time in traffic. We go to you!
Immediate Start. the student can begin their course throughout the year without having to wait for a specific date.
Students define the duration of their classes and weekly workload based on their interests and needs.

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Portuguese Courses for Foreigners

Schola is a company specialized in teaching Portuguese to Foreigners originating from practical experience and academic research on Pragmatic Language Linguistics and English as a second language.
Our classes are structured based on a communicative approach, focusing on oral communication so students speak with confidence in day to day situations as well as understand and participate in conversations and general topics effectively. This communicative approach also emphasizes the functional use of language in real life situations. It is a method that makes the students feel encouraged to speak with confidence. We offer courses that aim not only at teaching Portuguese but also the knowledge of the culture of our country.

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  • “Profissional, sempre pontual e organizada.
    Trabalha com dinamismo adaptando-se a necessidade e particularidade de cada aluno.” Satie

  • “Airamaia has been tutoring me in Portuguese for over a month and a half. From our first session, she immediately started tailoring our time together towards helping me achieve my individual goals in an enjoyable manner. Her many years of experience are evident in her ability to teach effortlessly and complemented by her friendly demeanor. In addition to being an effective and experienced tutor, Airamaia is very professional - she is prepared and on-time for all of our lessons and never rushes to end them exactly on the hour. I am very happy with my choice of Airamaia as a tutor and would highly recommend her to anyone - well worth the amount you will pay.” Cassie

  • “Airamaia helped me learn vocabulary, expressions, and correct usage of prepositions. She was very supportive and open to different teaching approaches. Using Skype was surprisingly effective. I am looking forward to more lessons.” Vivienne

  • “There are so many choices for Portuguese instructors on internet. I ultimately chose Aira because she has a very impressive resume. I've continued working with her because I love and have greatly benefited from the immersive learning style she employs. Additionally, she is extremely patient, which is wonderful as languages do not come naturally to me.” Catherine

  • “Airamaia and I worked on my pronunciation of regular verb conjugations. We had some small talk at the beginning of our lesson where she helped me translate some really important vocabulary related to my field of work. She is very patient and kind but also knows when to push me forward and not linger on any exercise longer than necessary. The key is repetition. She believes in my progress and that's so helpful!” Tiffany

  • “She an excellent tutor and very patient, she should be your Portuguese tutor too, she is worth your money.” Erikky

  • “She knows what it takes to get you speaking fast. She makes you work hard. Exceptional teacher! Portuguese is intimidating to me. Aida makes me feel that it's within my grasp.” William

  • “I’ve had a few sessions with Airamaia. She’s made the sessions entertaining. She has provided helpful material and also makes an effort to provide some cultural and/or business context. She’s patient, personable and fun. It’s been great so far!” Mariana

  • “Airamaia is just the kind of tutor I was hoping to find. She’s patient, knowledgeable, and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her to anyone looking to learn Portuguese.” Joshua

  • “She is the best dedicated, professional, very disciplined Portuguese teacher and above all with a wonderful gift of teaching. Very smart and with a lot of dedication and you can see results in a short term.” Maria

  • “Aira is always cheerful and a complete pleasure to work with. She has a set lesson plan but is always open to talking about current events or relevant topics for you. In a few short months, I have improved my Portuguese skills and can carry a full conversation in the language.” Matthew

  • “Airamaia is an excellent teacher! She is very patient, intelligent, kind, and truly has a passion for teaching. I have been working with her for almost a month now and have learned so much already. 100% recommend her!” Cynthia

  • “Airamaia is very patient and helps the student through all aspects. She has a lot of enthusiasm for language and teaching.” John

  • “Airamaia is an excellent tutor who tailors lessons to your needs and really wants you to learn the language, not go through exercise after exercise. She keeps me talking almost the whole hour and regularly gives me 5-10 extra minutes at the end. With all that practice I can literally feel myself getting better every week.” Michael

  • “Airamaia is teaching me to improve by Portuguese both conversationally and grammatically. With the first lesson I already noticed the improvement. She is a patient and insightful teacher.” Julio

  • “She keeps my attention and never stops smiling. She also speaks only Portuguese and explains any words or concepts thoroughly.” Joseph

  • “Very effective. Very patient. Practical - I can't rate every session and think of 20 different words each time. But I'm very happy with my Portuguese classes.” Jeremy

  • “She has a very positive personality and keeps the subject material interesting which helps with retention. It is clear that she has the experience teaching students with a range of language background and abilities.” Thayer

  • “I always enjoy my classes with Aira, she is a great teacher! she makes of every class a good experience.” Guillermo

  • “This is my second lesson and I am learning so much. Airamaia is a phenomenal teacher and I am enjoying learning with her.” Dawn

  • “Airamaia is knowledgeable, efficient, and most importantly seems to truly enjoy teaching Portuguese. I highly recommend her, especially for those wanting to learn how to say more than "Where is the beach?" in Portuguese. She tailors her lessons to suit the student's professional goals and needs.” Kristin

  • “Aira is a great tutor, and I can tell she has experience getting people to a business conversational level quickly. From the get-go she insisted on speaking only Portuguese. She listened to my needs and prepared a curriculum based on my goals and weaknesses.” Daniela

  • “I have had 2 lessons so far and I can say that Aira is highly qualified and experienced. Her knowledge is superb. You can not go wrong with choosing Aira as your professor of Portuguese!” Colleen